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As a professional resume writer, it’s my job to craft a resume that will grab a hiring manager’s attention in less than 15 seconds.

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Professional Resume Writing and Editing

Resumes That Work is a professional resume writing service committed to producing affordable, high-quality resumes and cover letters that focus on your qualifications and accomplishments in your prior positions.


As a former Recruiter and Hiring Manager, I believe that your resume is your first impression; it needs to showcase your talents and attributes in the best way possible to a prospective employer. Your resume should be customized to focus on what your next career move will be. A tailored resume speaks to your next potential employer in your absence; the major accomplishments listed on your resume will demonstrate that you are qualified for the position you are applying for and are well suited to excel at that specific position.     


Employers receive hundreds of resumes a week and each time you send your resume to an employer it will be carefully measured against other applicants. You need to deliver a product that will attract you to them within 10-15 seconds.

With possibly hundreds of applicants for every position for which you apply, your resume needs to stand out and be perfect. I will help you achieve this by designing a customized resume and cover letter that you will be proud to submit to your next prospective employer.       

Entry-Level Resumes

If you have less than 3 years of    

experience in the workforce,

I will highlight your academic,

volunteer, and work Experience.




  "I sent my new resume out and within one week, I received  invitations to interview with 5 different companies. Your resumes do work!"   

Professional Resumes


If you have more than 3 years of

experience in the workforce,

I will highlight your skill set, 

experience, and most valued



Executive-Level Resumes


If you are a Vice President

or C-Level Executive, I will 

highlight your most valuable

leadership experience, core

competencies, and achievements.



  "I am so proud to send my new resume

 out. I struggled trying to include accomplishments

 in my resume, but Amy asked the right questions

 to bring them out of me. I have the confidence to

 pursue my dream job!"